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Any good sleeves for the Surface Pro 3?


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Hey guys, I love my surface pro 3, and am looking for a sleeve to carry it around in. There seems to be VERY little online in terms of sites like amazon. I want something reliable, and something that has a zipper pocket that I can put my pen, charger, and wireless mouse in. I have my eyes on the Nixon case on Microsoft's website, but it is a little pricey for a sleeve, but I guess I will suck it up and pay the price if I have to. Can anyone point me in the right direction in terms of sleeves? Thank you!


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Check the Booq Viper Hardcase 13. Space for a scientific calculator, spare batteries for the pen, a label to hold the pen itself, and a pocket for papers. The whole thing zips shut and SP3 fits very well.


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I HIGHLY recommend the Incipio ORD case for the SP3. Just google it. I have the black one and think it's perfect. It fits my SP3 with the keyboard and pen attached just like a glove. The zipper pocket on the front gives just enough room to fit the charger, hdmi cable, some extra AAAA batteries for the pen, and the ARC mouse--yet still keeps a very thin profile. The material inside is very plush and there is protection around the zipper to keep it from possibly scratching the device. I love it! I think you can get it cheaper now, but I paid the full $39.99 retail and it is worth every penny.

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