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Any idea if the larger screen will require more ram? will 128/i5/4gb be too slow?


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Any ideas on whether the new screen size will cause 4 gb of ram to be insufficient? I saw one of the reviews mention that the high resolution causes a lag when working on certain things. I don't run anything more intense than word/Microsoft expressions and never had issues with my 4gb SP2. Can't really justify the extra $300 unless it's needed to drive the new screen.


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It's doubtful it would make any difference one way or another. There is a specific amount of RAM set aside for graphics that is static. The amount used for the screen between the various models would be unlikely to affect the total memory available for the programs.


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Microsoft Office run just fine on my Dell Venue 8 Pro which has an Intel Atom processor with 2GB ram. I don't foresee any issue with the SP3 doing the same even with the higher resolution.