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Any Intel Tuned Video Drivers available for the Surface Pro?


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First, how does one access the original video driver's Control Panel in Microsoft's Surface Pro (SP)? I thought it was Cltrl/Alt/F12, but nothing comes up.

Has anyone come out yet w/a tuned Intel video driver specific for the HD4000 in the SP, which allows more video settings and tweaks for gaming and/or graphic applications. Something more on the order of what Nvidia/AMD puts out w/their drivers? I know the HD4000 has it's limitations, so every little thing helps. I'm sure there's got to be some employees who work at Microsoft doing things w/their own personal SP's, and tweaking the drivers for some improvements. It would be great if Microsoft would release, or offer them, in order to get ever bit of performance out of the product. Maybe something also for extending the battery life a little more as well.

Intel seems to only release basic drivers for their products, vs. what Nvidia/AMD do w/theirs.

With Razer coming out w/their Edge/Pro gaming tablets, it would be nice if Microsoft made some improvements to their SP. Of course Razer has the advantage w/the added Nvidia graphics chip
If you want the intel control panel you have to reinstall the latest driver from intel here: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng

Now you should be able to access the Intel HD Graphics control panel by right clicking on the desktop or any of the other normal methods.

The settings I found were automatically set to balanced in 3D settings (even on high performance power mode) so I set it to "quality" and there is a minimal difference. You can also control AF and vertical sync. There are also tabs for display options, and media options for color and scaling.
You can install the one directly from Intel and it gives you a control panel to alter media, 3d, power etc. settings.


Looking at the files in the downloaded Intel Driver, I notice some Firmware files. Would installing an Intel generic driver on the SP cause any problems w/those Firmware files?

When I was asking about any Tuned Video Drivers, I was refering to a driver specifically set up for the SP.