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Any way to get displayport output without getting into Windows?


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Here's the deal:

I have a Surface Pro with a smashed screen. There's no decipherable output on the screen...it's not just a case of a bad digitizer.

I can run the displayport output into an external (VGA) monitor, and that works once Windows boots up. HOWEVER, this particular Surface (purchased used) is locked to another user. So I can't get into Windows. I want to reset the machine, but even if I try to use a restore flash drive created on another machine, I can't interact with it because I can't see anything on the Surface screen AND IT DOESN'T OUTPUT ANYTHING TO THE DISPLAYPORT during the restore dialog.

I've also tried a Paragon WinPE environment restore flash drive, and that also doesn't output to the displayport. I am not sure if that's a limitation of the hardware, or if I need to inject special drivers.

My question:

A) Is there any way to get displayport output during, say, WinPE, by using special drivers?
B) Is there a way to generate a version of the USB restore flash drive that is automatic, i.e. immediately does a restore without confirmation / dialog with the user?

If I could restore this thing to factory state, then I could log into Windows and do what I need to do (since Windows outputs to the displayport).