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Secondary display detected, but no signal on monitor


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I have an SP1 and 2. I bought a mDP to DVI, VGA, HDMI adapter. When I plug it into my SP1 with a monitor connected to any of the outputs, it immediately detects the secondary display, loads a driver for it and all is well.
This is also the case when using the adapter with my macbook air.

However, when I plug it into my Surface Pro 2, it goes through the exact same motions, but doesn't output anything to the second monitor. I can see the monitor listed in device manager, it shows the displays settings properly in Settings--->Display, it just will not show anything on screen.

I've tried different monitors with all 3 types of connections, I've updated the video driver and then uninstalled it and downgraded to an even older driver than I had to begin with. My last resort was to do a reset of Windows, but none of these things has worked.

Both Surface Tablets are running Windows 10 1607 14393.953

If anyone has any ideas, please send them my way. I am almost fully convinced that there is something wrong with the tablets mini displayport connector, but it just makes no sense that all monitors are identified properly.