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Anyone care to comment on an SPro (1st gen) and Windows 10 usability?

Tiberian, et al --

Upgraded my SP1 to 1809 with no problems and (almost) no issues.

Only minor issue was that I had to Reset my Weather app. I knew that was coming from my Insider machines. Every machine I have upgraded to 1809, including today, needed to have the Weather app Reset.

I haven't tried everything yet, but if I encounter any issues, I will let you know.

Take care,
Yah, I did a clean install of 1809 about 5 minutes after Microsoft put up a link for the ISO, nothing special, it's still a crappy OS in my opinion. :)

Aside from the rolling release aspect which is not good for Windows at all, it's so wrong it's not even funny, my biggest gripe is they keep changing things and it's damned irritating. Users get used to using one thing - like for example knowing I can click the battery icon and change brightness - and now in this build they've moved that control aspect away from the battery icon to the notification slider. In a future update (because I've used recent Insider builds) I know they change it again from a tile option to a brightness slider on the notification panel itself which again is change for the sake of change and it's just damned aggravating and frustrating.

Windows 10 is literally a beta OS and the 700 million installs of it make the general public the beta testers and it's just wrong but it's not like Microsoft cares.

I don't use hardly any of the "apps" in Windows 10, not weather, news, etc, since I have that stuff on my LG V20 smartphone which is with me or at arm's reach most anytime. Netflix is the only Windows "app" that I make any use of actually, but I can do that on the V20 as well obviously.

I'm still thinking about going back to 8.1 and being done with it if for no other reason that I just get sick of things changing with every big bi-annual update to Windows 10. Let's face it: I think the OS sucks, and that opinion isn't going to change just because Microsoft can't get their you-know-what together. :D

The seller of the Power Cover refunded my purchase price completely and told me I didn't have to return the item so, I have a Power Cover here that doesn't appear to work. As for testing the SP with another cover, I'll find out in a few days because I was able to find a Type Cover (model 1561) on eBay yesterday with an auction/bidding price on it of $11.50 and I put in the bid - I happened upon the auction 45 minutes before it ended and luckily nobody else bid on it so, for $19.20 (the price + shipping) I now have a proper Type Cover headed my way and I'll be able to test the functionality soon. The seller of this Type Cover said it was tested and was fully functional, it has a bit of cosmetic damage in an upper corner (a slight tear in the material) but aside from that it should have no issues at all.

I can't imagine that two keyboards would be totally dead - I mean I have bad luck at times like most people do but two products not working, that would definitely make me think the SP itself has some issue with the keyboard/cover connector in some respects.

I just took a shot in the dark and asked "The Magic 8-Ball Oracle" online if I should use Windows 8.1, it said "Don't count on it..." which means I always do the opposite so, Windows 8.1 here I come. :)

Thanks for the responses... and Happy Holidays to all.

The Type Cover (model 1561) arrived just a short time ago and I was surprised to discover it's backlit, I wasn't expecting that so a bonus I suppose since I paid just under $20 for it. Everything works as it should, kinda weird how it senses I'm about to start typing and the backlight comes on, spooky. :)

I did attempt to get the Power Cover functional afterward but of course it's toast, could be a bad ribbon cable or something, I have no idea but I'm sad it didn't work even in spite of getting a full refund for it.

The very narrow width of this Type Cover will take some getting used to for sure; kept hitting the Del key instead of Backspace, kept kitting \ instead of Enter but I'm sure if I give myself a day or two using only this keyboard I'll get the hang of it.

Still interested in getting a dock as well so I suppose that'll be the next item on the agenda along with a nice matte anti-glare anti-fingerprint screen protector. I use Supershieldz products on all my devices and have never had any issues with them and they have some for the Surface Pro for only $2.98 + $3.99 shipping (all of them for my devices always end up being that price so another bonus I suppose). Easy to apply - I run a hot shower for a few minutes in a closed bathroom to make my own little makeshift "clean room" at home then apply the screen protectors and never had any issues.

So far so good, and I did roll back to a fully updated Windows 8.1 install (done by creating a custom installation ISO with a much larger install.wim file) and it's running fantastic. I really am disappointed in the 4GB of RAM because that does limit what I'm able to really do - I have some software that uses data sets with hundreds of millions of headers (Usenet) and I just can't work with that stuff on this machine anymore so it's curtailing my fun I suppose. :)

Been looking at the Surface Pro 6 in black but wow, that price to go from the 128GB SSD for $899 to 256GB for $1,199 - that's a rather HUGE jump in price for just some more storage and a black paintjob (yeah, I know, VaporMG or whatever), ouch ouch triple ouch. But the 8GB base model for $899, that's not so bad, of course there's no keyboard and no stylus but I've read great things about the newer much improved Type Cover for the SP6, it's something I'm considering for the future for sure.

Even so, for the $120 I've put into this so far it's been fun to tinker with and get into. Thank you again for the stylus, Russ, the Wife has been playing with the SP now and again and with the Wacom Feel drivers installed everything works as it should with her drawing software (Paint Tool SAI) and she thinks it's pretty cool if not small but that's how it goes.

Thanks again for the responses and the info, have fun, always...
IMO Windows 10 is the same on this tablet as it is on any other Surface sans new hardware features. It runs like a dream, and it gives you about 10-20 percent more battery after you disable apps running in background vs 8.1. It overall just has less battery life, which is what the power cover is for.

For those with power cover issues, have you attempted to jump the battery? Its very easy once you get the back off, ive done it twice with my fingers and have two new power covers I keep charged. The key is putting a solid back back on the cover as you need to use new fabric: friction tape looks and works great.

Tutorial here:
Power Cover Not Charging 100% 0% 100% ???