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Surface RT Type Cover not working and other issues

Daniel Byrd

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Ugh! I bought this 1st Gen Surface Rt off of Craigslist last month. I thought $60 was a great deal because it was the 64GB model and included a type cover (with the actual keys) and a case too. I got it home and charged it up because the battery was dead. Got busy and let it sit for a week. I finally get around to doing something with it and it's locked with someones email there. It wasn't even reset. I end up downloading the software from MS to do a reset on the thing and get it done. 1st thing I notice during set up is that the type cover is not working whatsoever. Like it's not even there. I get everything set up and I think that maybe it is driver related. I download all the Windows updates that I can and then I start getting errors and sometimes it just searches and searches and does nothing. I followed a guide online and finally got the thing updated to the one that makes it look like Windows 10, and still having the update issue and type cover issue too.

If I could just get this type cover working it would be great! Please help?


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Try cleaning the keyboard port and keyboard connector with alcohol (rubbing not scotch) and a toothbrush. make sure the case is not in the way of good connection. Try a different Type Cover if you can or try yours on another Surface, it may be dead.

Windows Update is notorious for the eternal search, makes a list... checks it twice... loses it's place and checks again, forgets where it is and starts over. Especially if it's not checked for a long time... I have disabled sleep timeout and left it run all day or overnight before. Really sad. :(
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I had a Code 10 error on cover firmware and I applied some suggested solutions but stopped short of rolling back the cover driver to a previous version. My ever-practical DH then thoroughly sprayed both sides of the contacts (cover and screen) with contact cleaner, dried the contacts with a cloth, pushed on each spring pin with the end of a match, and the touch cover then worked, but only with the screen held nearly upright. Leaning the screen back caused the cover to cease working. I now type with a 6mm thick booklet pushed under the cover back towards the attachment point such that it lifts the keyboard up slightly, with the screen support on the first position (the most upright position). So far so good for my 2014 Surface 2. I think the contacts/cover are worn from frequent uncoupling.

The following morning after the above fix, another spray with contact cleaner was required and since then it has worked consistently, but still with the booklet pushed under the type cover. I think the problem is a hardware problem masquerading as a software problem. I notice that later Surfaces, e.g., Surface 6 have a differently-configured attachment point for the type cover such that the type cover does not lie flat on the table at the attachment point.

I'll soon be looking for a very lightweight laptop with a HINGED cover!!