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Anyone have experience with BOTH the i5 and i7?


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I also have a WRT610N but I have never even looked into the WMM Power Save

I know mine was a specific use case but I am glad it helped you. I go back and forth every day on which I should have. The i5 does well but I wish I had the comfort of the HD5000 graphics more than anything else. Who knows maybe I will upgrade to the i7 if possible when I contact MS about some warranty issues.

I can get 6+ hours depending on my use case. Have watched locally stored episodes of Breaking Bad from Philly to San Diego and still had battery left when I got to the hotel.


I did some video encodes with handbrake last night of a small 30 second AVCHD 1080p clip. Using quicksync the surface hardly breaks a sweat. 40-50 FPS on best quality, and 70-80 FPS on balanced. It even handles just straight x264 with handbrake's default high profile "ok", about 20-30FPS. I suspect that option would get strained and throttle with a longer video.

Battery life still struggling mightily...the encoding was responsible for 10% of my battery life (I was checking it throughout), but otherwise I went from 70% to 10% in 2.5 hours...other use during this time was just web browsing, some time in remote desktop, browsing the windows store, setup nextgen reader. And then played around with that Sketchable app.

Battery life is becoming an annoying topic for me. I'll search through this forum on the topic...