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i7 or i5 ($42 difference!!)


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Hi Guys!

I'm just looking for some advice, I'm super stoked to be getting a Surface Pro 3 this weekend and I have 2 choices. The i7 256gb or the i5 256gb, on paper it looks like a no-brainer but there is the curve ball of the price difference. For me it'll be $42. I know that the i7 seems like the obvious one, I'm just worried about the heat issues that the i7s were rumored to be having. The devices are both 2nd hand so taking them back won't really be an option.

What do you guys think?? I'm be mainly doing working (office), web browsing, some engineering programs and plan on using a fair amount of the drawing features to do some art work for a game.

Thanks so much in advance!!


For only 42 bucks more I would get the i7. I have it and it rocks.it can get a bit warm but its perfectly normal.its great device. Having said that, my wife has the i5nwith no complaints either


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That's telling you one thing. The i7 is selling less than the i5, why? Well, the i7 has more thermo issues and to go around it the processor throttle a lot.


i7! The thermal throttling does exist and it's heavier than the i5, but on par (let's say, same temperature or same frequency) i7 is still faster.


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While the i7 has more throttling, it still performs a touch better on average. For the small price, i'd just get the i7, i'm not sure how you've gotten such a good bargain, but the added resale value ought to be far more than $42.


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I understand there might be some issues with the i7, but I'd still go for it! If you sell it one day, it should be worth more too (although maybe not seeing as though both the ones you're looking at are already second hand)


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Many probably haven't considered the i7 just because of the higher price. If throttling becomes irritating for you, just plug in a USB fan. Everyone reporting use of one says it reducing throttling either completely or mostly. I have the i5 with no issues, but it will from time-to-time run warm, and the fan will even run once in a great while - usually when installing a bunch of Windows updates, but not always then either.


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I returned the i5 to get the i7 and wish I'd kept the i5 I bought originally. last time I took it in for a replacement (there have been multiple replacements) they said they didn't have any refurbs available, so I was about to ask for an i5. but then they said they would give me a brand new i7 instead. they were surprised when I was not thrilled at the news.

maybe it's faster, but the fan blows like crazy much of the time.