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Anyone planning on trying Windows 10 Preview tomorrow?


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Probably not immediately. I am interested, by my SP3 is my work machine and installing 10 Preview onto it could cause issues.


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I really want to, but too reliant on my SP3 right now. The MS preview video I saw today suggested that you do it on a "secondary PC" as it will certainly have "rough edges" for a while. Not gonna put that on my baby quite yet. :)


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I'll be popping the preview on to a 2nd partition on my desktop PC to try, depending on how 'stable' it is I may consider putting it on the SP3.


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Here's a question: will the recovery utility restore back to an original SP3? That is, if I install the preview to a new partition (I probably have plenty of space on my 256GB), and have issues, can I restore back to the factory partitioning?

That's my question. If the answer is "yes," then I'll probably give it a shot. If I can't easily restore, then I'll only try it on my desktop (where it's very easy to be creative with partitioning).