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Anyone that has a Surface Pro PLEASE help me!

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Ummm, hate to state the obvious, BUT, had you gone to the "Windows Update" section within Control Panel (not the useless PC Settings section) then used "Check for Updates" and selected just the wifi drivers to install, you would have been set in 1/10th the time. :)

You should let it install all the important ones, but that can take a few hours, so selecting what you need gets you started until you can leave it running to update everything.

You do have "Check for updates but don't download them" set?? :D
Hmm, last post on this was Feb 2013 ... he probably just wrote his own driver by now. :)

I think threads should be locked after some period of inactivity or at lest warn you ... hey your posting to a thread with no activity in xxx days are you sure you want to proceed ... :)
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Good thinking Foxy, It was in the "Similar Threads" list and like the naive old soul that I am, I assumed that the website programming would be smart enough to not include ooooold posts and thus did not check it's date.

Apparently I gave them too much credit for sensibility. I shall refrain from such impetuous behavior for the future and only respond to threads in the daily list.


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so your solution is for the OP to BUY an adapter for $27 bucks and then wait like 5 - 10 days to receive it in the mail and then install the drivers for his wifi? riiiiight... good plan! :p or someone can just upload the drivers for him and then he can d/l it from another computer then install it and voila! fixed.. and yes I will be closing this thread...
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