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This is why MS will fail with Surface

Seriously, the form of the Pro/RT is perfect for what it does which is to enable the window 8 experience in a minimalist package. There are enhancements like longer battery life that would improve it and extend the market but that doesn't mean that the existing system doesn't serve a market. On another note; how many really need a minimalist implementation of windows 8? Light weight is good, touch screen is good. I find that I use the covers when ever I'm at a desk or table and only don't use them on the couch. Also I find that my lap top is more useful for the lazing function (couch surfing). The larger screen of a full notebook is also very friendly. So the bigger question in my mind is just how large a market really needs the power and package that the Surface provides. Sales are probably a good indicator of that. To me it has become pretty much a luxury toy.


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Let's face it, there will be, obviously an RT2(possibly, even likely multiple iterations) but there WILL be a Surface Pro 2, because the first was somewhat unique and pushed tremendous innovation from other manufacturers. So Microsoft sets the bar a bit higher and pushes innovation even further. What they did was create an environment that forced others to push the boundries a bit. The thing is the Surface Pro was slightly ahead of the deliverable tech, promising a bit more than could be delivered, but even so they came so very closeI, and in most ways they delivered admirably. Now they can offer a device that will deliver on all fronts and they will, because there is a market for a Surface Pro that overcomes its shortcomings because the tech to do so is here, and it really can be a device that can replace many cumbersome tools we now take the Hassle of for granted.
Really, with the RT they pushed innovation and raised the bar? Looks to me like with the RT they made a tablet that almost nobody wanted to buy. Just saying... 900 million ... write down... there are many ways to spin this but saying they raised any bar with the RT is just laughable.

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Really, with the RT they pushed innovation and raised the bar? Looks to me like with the RT they made a tablet that almost nobody wanted to buy. Just saying... 900 million ... write down... there are many ways to spin this but saying they raised any bar with the RT is just laughable.
I was pointing out that the SP raised the bar. I happen to like my RT probably because it is tailored so closely to my usage pattern. A Tegra 4 packing RT2 with a digitizer just might meet with greater approval.


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Actually the one thing I liked about the RT was the game performance, it did better than the Atom based TPT2 does. Man I miss Zombie killing. I think I might order in a PC in parts today and get started building a W8 gaming box. I just can't decide on Mini ITX or Micro ATX.

The Tegra 4 looks promising except that I am affraid that by the time we see one it won't be so fresh. I dont expect that the SP will spawn any clones or copies and that is really when you know you have raised the bar. Ultra-Books, indeed even the units I have selected over the past few months from Asus, almost ALL SCREAM PLEASE GOD LET ME LOOK AND FEEL AS MUCH LIKE THE MAC BOOK AS IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE... Thats fine, I love the design, just hate the ecosystem and all that jazz. By the way, the two units I have recently purchased boot windows 8 in 7, yes you read that right Seven / 7 (Ironic I know, but the truth none-the-less) seconds from button to lock screen, and less time to a usable state / metro or desktop. I never use the sleep feature as I simply dont find the boot time any issue at all. Well aside from the unit sleeping due to power settings. But I just dont use sleep the way I once did when my Inspiron 15 took fourteen minutes (exaggeration I know) but it sure used to feel like 15 minutes.

I wanted to like both the RT and PRO and just couldn't. The issues and problems outweighed the benefits. The Cons > Pros. When that happens all you can do is count yourself fortunate that the company took the device back. I want to see a great windows tablet. I want to MS make one. 8 is light enough on its feet for the hardware of today that making a great Windows tablet now seems more likely than ever. Will they be able to move past the Ballmer stagnation? Will they pull their collective heads out of their asses and get on to making the tough choices with Windows 8 that the public is demanding and marry those changes to awesome, well designed hardware?! Will underdog save Pretty Penny? Well you get my drift...Not very long into this discussion the feeling that you have entered a fantasy world takes hold, doesn't it? Russ accused me of having fantasies about destroying my Surface and yea should a device make you feel that way?

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While I agree for the most part, I don't necessarily think you have to see clones of a product to prove is innovative value. Maybe Microsoft didn't get it quite right but I'm seeing devices that are incredibly innovating in their own ways. If nothing else Microsoft influenced hardware manufacturers to really try new and interesting designs.


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Surface pro was actually a decent success for Microsoft. It sold alot more than RT. What they really flopped on was the marketing of RT usage and the audience its aimed for. Also the entry price for RT. Pro was priced accordingly compared to other ultra books at the time. Either device by itself is a fine piece of machinery. For every negative review on RT, I can point you to a good one. Even same reviewers recanting their initial bad reviews.

They also should've made sure, at launch, there was more than enough apps. The apps are beefed up now, over 100,000 apps in win 8 store. But it was the opposite at launch. Now that they know the mistakes they've made, new versions of both rt and pro will sell better than first generation.

Let's not forget that just yesterday Microsoft purchased Nokia. So that new Nokia RT will be under Microsoft belt also.

Let the haters hate. No matter what product, there's always a few that hate no matter what. Especially iPad also. Its not all peaches n crème over there. Tons of people complaining on every new version that drops. Same with android. There will always be those who never satisfied or expectations are unrealistic.

The few bad experiences I read about here are nothing compared to the sheer number of those who more than satisfied with their devices.

I also don't get why those who no longer own any device always feel compelled to bash product even though its not working here. People come here to share tips and share experiences and problems. Not to hear daily bashing on their devices. At first I thought this forum was ok but now, because of a few, is seeming just like XDA developers. Too much crying and bashing going on. I still like it here. I just wish more different people would post versus the usual few who have to get their daily bashing in on device..lol sad thing is they make a lot of great points and share good info. Then flip and get on bashing tip.we all want to share realistic info here. Not to constantly bash.

Same reason why that thread got shit down yesterday. The nitpicking is getting too much now. Causing tension amongst ourselves will not make this forum a better place for new comers.


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The surface pro was exacly what I needed a small portability footprint that runs every program I throw at it.. I tried the convertable thing toshiba U925t slider and it just didn't work for me...
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