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Anyone updated to the latest Firmware, LOST MY NETWORK DRIVERS %$%$$!@


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I just got my Surface Pro 2 yesterday. After spending a few hours installing apps and configuring, I did the firmware update. As soon as the device rebooted, I lost my network connection. My Driver has the exclamation point next to it. Removing it and reinstalling did not help.

I called MS, they suggested I roll back and NOT update...Seriously? This thing is about to go back. I wanted to find out if I am the only one with this issue. If so, is it possibly hardware issue??? :confused:

Thanks for any feedback.



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Does SP2 use the same Marvell Wifi Adapter as the Surface Pro?

Until MS sorts this out just roll it back as they suggest. It should work for now just fine.

P.S., MS is famous for breaking things with updates. Don't sweat it.


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Ok. Same issue continues. Returned the surface for a new one. See what happens. Very annoying. ..


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try reboot your router with surface on?

when I turned on sp2 first time, I don't even see my network drive, after I rebooted router, everything works fine