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anyone's fans come on yet?


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Though I love the SP1->SP2 upgrade, my one gripe is that they didn't go with a fan-less design like other Haswell laptops.

On the SP1, I could see why they needed the fans at least for driving an external display via USB. That's the only time mine used to come on, and I run some fairly thirsty statistical processing programs.

I have yet to hear the fans come on with the SP2, even though I use the identical setup.

Has anyone heard the fans come on yet?

Methinks they could have done without the fans, and thus either improved battery life further or reduced thickness + weight.

Sadly I failed to ask their hardware designer this question at the Boston Surface 2 launch, but I figured they were still necessary as with SP2. Not so sure anymore.

Here's hoping SP3 will be fan-less!
While SP2 is quieter and cooler than SP1, the fans are definitely needed. Watching movies, copying large amount of data, playing games all makes them spin up.

I would also like to see a full-blown i5 Haswell fanless laptop :) I think you are thinking of Bay Trail architecture.
I noted (when I could hear the guy in the video over the bedlam) that the laptop weighs 4+ pounds altogether and about 2+ pounds with just the tablet. What's the point of a fanless laptop/tablet if it's bulky and heavy? I don't get the point.
I got mine to come on playing Tanki Online on an external 23" Monitor while running Office on the second monitor. I have a USB Docking station.
Yep mines came up during intense gaming, like playing crysis 3, SFIV, COD ghost, it isn't too loud, sounds like my razer edge pro.