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[AESTHETICS] Blacking out the vent grille


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And how do you want to do this? Yeah, I know that you an asking but I really do not see an elegant way to do it.
How about a thin length of string soaked in paint, held taught . Wouldn't want too much paint on the string so you wouldn't goop up the holes. Just slide it down into the slit and move it back and forth a bit.

I BTW wouldn't try this. But let me know if it works (ha, ha).


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I like how that looks (not talking about the nasty black teeth), but the hidden vent holes.

I don't see how this would void warranty? It'd be less intrusive than a sticker cover.

It was just a thought with regard to warranty. But you never know, and i'd rather find out the facts before modifying the device.


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I took the plunge and decided to take an ultrafine Sharpie marker to a few of the vent holes. I played with the image a bit to show the blackout a bit better but I like how it looks.