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I no longer subscribe to Technet, so I am out of the loop, but has a development SDK been released for Surface? Will one be able to write apps that run on both Windows 8 Pro as well as Surface devices?


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I think the biggest thing will be what type of processor the Surface runs. If it runs an x86/x64 Intel or AMD chip, the apps will be the same. If it is an ARM, they may need to be written to work on ARM as well as the x86/x64 platform.


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On Monday, Microsoft unveiled two new Surface PC tablets running on its Windows 8 operating system. While one model will be powered by a third generation IntelIvy Bridge processor, the other will run on ARM chipset featuring Windows RT.

Source: Forbes


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Source: How Microsoft Surface Tablets Compare in a Crowded Market | PCWorld

Core i5's are Ivy Bridge. Could also be a Core i3 or Core i7 as some in that family are also Ivy Bridge.
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