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To fellow devs, what now?


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I'm sure my fellow devs are aware that pretty much everything related to MS app store for devs is broken.

Financial summary - broken
Daily app buy stats - broken
Daily download stats - broken
Daily revenue generated by app(s) - broken

Not only that, the app certification process is a hit and miss. While it hasn't happened to me, developers are reporting left and right that their uploads and updates are getting rejected because of false cert fails.

Developers are also reporting left and right that their apps just disappeared from the windows store.

More frightening still, some devs are getting messages saying their dev accounts are about to be canceled/banned/etc.

Many azure services have been down while others are spotty.

And if you go into the windows store app, it keeps popping up at random "windows store is currently not available..."

Who else is scared for the future of the windows app store? I for one have invested many hours and much effort into my main app. God forbids if...


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Azure went through some updates at the end of last week and those went south very quickly. Currently Western Europe is down and but the rest is either up or in process of restoring services. It looks like it was related to Azure Blob Storage.