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Apps on SP3?


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This may not be the correct place for this question. Mods feel free to move it if necessary.

Ok, so I got my SP3 and I like it even more than I expected. The display is better and the battery last much longer than my android tablet that I got through the Google Play store. So I'd like to get rid of the tablet altogether and not carry both when traveling.

However, I have several game and utility apps on the tablet that I still use.

Is there any way to get those on my surface?


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Welcome, @ElterAgo to the right place to discuss all things Surface. Congrats on your Surface Pro 3.

Apps are written for specific platforms, so the short answer is that you will need to search for equivalent apps from the Microsoft App Store to replace your Google Play apps.

Fortunately, though, the number and quality of Surface apps are increasing quickly. You should be able to find suitable replacements, and perhaps even better replacements.


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First check the store and http://alternativeto.net/
For applicable alternatives to those Apps.

Then if not finding any suitable or near suitable solution you might experiment with DuOS or one of the other Android on Windows solutions but they are still somewhat immature and may not be what you really want either, at least not yet, although some have found them suitable for their purposes.

Good hunting. :)


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Well, I can probably find an alternate for my diet, exercise, and budget apps. But there are a couple of games that I play with some friends and family. I guess I will check out DuOS. Thanks for the suggestion.