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eReader app?


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Just got my Surface RT yesterday and its by far the best tablet I've owned, its very very cool, but I'm still trying to find the best apps to use. I've tried several e-book apps and its not that I don't like them, I really like the ones I've used but I can't a single app that will let me view PDF and ePUB. I have a large collection of ebooks and many are in PDF format I'd like to have an App that lets me view all of my books regardless of the format. Does anyone know of any apps that do this? I've tried converting but the conversions are never very good, I use Calibre quite a bit and I can never get good quick conversions.

Also on a side note, I haven't checked yet but has anyone seen any good CBR readers?
I don't know of an App that does both, for PDF I use Adobe's Reader or the Built-in Reader, for non-DRM epubs I use Book HD, so far it works the best. I wish the Nook App allowed side loading, oh well....