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arc mouse scroll bar not consistent on sp2


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I bought the arc mouse because the Type 2 touchpad seemed unusable (Maybe I didn't give it a chance and a setting could make it useful?). Anyway, the issue I am having is that the arc mouse scroll bar doesn't work sometimes (move my hand over it and nothing happens), is erratic , and just isn't robust.

I assumed it was because the track function must be designed for younger people that have moisture in their fingertips. Given I am 55, my skin is dry which seems to be a factor. Question: do others have this problem? Is there a setting to adjust track sensitivity?

I bought a Logitech mouse and it works ok. Just takes the usb port which makes it tough when I want to use a thumb drive. Plus, if the trackpad was usable (like I think is the case with the SP3 keyboard, I wouldn't have to carry extra devices around...


The touch sensor sometimes stops working a little for me as well on the arc mouse. I found that if I turn it off and on (collapse the mouse and re-form it) it will reset and work perfectly again for X amount of time. A lighter touch on the sensor vs. a hard full finger press on it seems to work better for me as well.