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Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition - Scrolling Problem


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I bought a new Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition with my Surface Book, and quite often it will lose its ability to scroll. When it happens, the mouse will first have a bit of trouble scrolling, going from multiple lines to only one line, or scrolling one way but not the other, and then it will fail to scroll completely. Turning the mouse off and back on (by bending straight and then bending again) fixes the problem. It happens every day, at least.

In surfing the problem, I can see that this is a well known problem that goes back to the very first edition of the Surface Mouse and has never been acknowledged or addressed by Microsoft. How Microsoft can continue to sell hardware like this, that they know full well has a serious problem, is beyond me. Then again, I have my brand new Surface Book that wakes from sleep or hibernate maybe 85% of the time.


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Same here with an original version arc touch mouse bought recently, so clearly still haven't even had a quiet hardware revision that fixed it on the original either.