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Surface Arc Touch Mouse constantly loosing "scroll wheel"


I am using an MS Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse (i.e. the mouse designed for the MS Surface Pro Series). In principle I like it a lot, but what's starting to increasingly annoy me is that every twenty minutes or so it suddenly doesn't react to the two middle buttons (those that simulate a scroll wheel). Mouse movements and left and right button still work, but the middle buttons go "dead", i.e. no more scrolling or page up/down :-(

I then always have to "straighten" and bend the mouse (i.e. shut it off and on again) to regain that capability.
It's not a major issue but with such high end (read: costly) devices I consider this an inacceptable annoyance!

Is this a known bug? Is it the driver or the mouse itself? Is there some stable fix? Where can I complain?