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Arc Mouse Touch Surface Edition Scrolling Problem


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For those of you that have a Microsoft Arc Mouse Touch Surface Edition, do you have any issues with scrolling? I've read of many people seemingly having problems with this and was wondering what your experiences here have been like.

What happens with mine at least once or twice a day is that the center scroll touch pad seems to go dead. I grab the mouse and go to scroll and nothing happens when I swipe my finger down the middle. Tapping on it to Page Up or Page Down doesn't usually work either. The fix is to simply reboot the mouse (turn it off and then back on). Just to be clear, cursoring with the mouse works just fine at the time, so I know that it's alive and connected.

Leave it to Microsoft to develop a mouse that has to be rebooted regularly, eh?

At any rate, I think I'm going to go ahead and have Microsoft replace my mouse to see if that makes any difference. Now that it has shown the same behavior with two different Surfaces, a Pro 2 and a Pro 3, I think it definitely points to a mouse problem.

Thanks for any insight that you can provide regarding this issue!


I've had this happen a few times. Same solution, bend the mouse straight, then back to the arc position and all is well.


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Thanks for the replies, folks!

My issues have been documented in a prior support call. I emailed support yesterday and they said to call it in and they'd get it replaced, so I'll call or chat with them soon to take care of this and see if it makes any difference.

Other than this issue, I really do like the mouse.


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Hi Bandito,

I've got exactly the same issue and I was wondering if the replacement did solve your problem?
Mine does this from time to time, I just turn it off (fold flat) and then turn it back on. It's a little annoying but it's a quick 3 second fix.

Tango Mike

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Yeah... mine is in a drawer somewhere... more trouble than it's worth :-(


"Just keep bending your 40 mouse flat then back open. No problem."

Because you paid 40 bucks for a rubberized paperweight, specially made, for a laptop most of which performs about as well, e.g. "Edge"

Or, plunk down 11$ for one that works, and then wonder if people who propose "flatten it" as a "fix" work for Microsoft.

Dustbin. Why throw good time after bad money?