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Are there any Microsoft employees on the forum who can help me?


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I got an advanced exchange on my unit once before, I was send a refurbished unit even older than my unit that had colour issues with the screen. Here is a list of problems with my Surface Pro 2:

1. There is a major light leak in the bottom left
2. it doesn't work with touch keyboards, they stop responding after several minutes until I rehook them
3. It crashes every time I come out of sleep
4. Sometimes it overheats and the battery goes to 0 over night
5. Sometimes the touch screen goes crazy and it thinks I'm tapping the screen many times a second in random spots when I am not
6. The stylus alignment is correct in the top left of the device, but as I go to the bottom right, it becomes off by about 3cm^2

I think it's quite clear I've fallen victim to a bad batch of devices with all these issues. Is there any way I can just get an advanced exchange and get a brand new device?