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My 2 MSFT Store experiences: Nice but not really helpful. Long post warning. Read tl;dr.


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tl;dr Have SP2 with Complete. MSFT Store is nice to me but not helpful. Problem since my priority is to get my device fixed/replaced and not for people to be nice to me. Two separate instances where I required a replacement where I should've just gotten a replacement and walked out the door since I have Complete, but both instances (Feb and July) they did not have stock. In Feb they didnt have stock because they were "selling like crazy" and in July they didn't have stock cause the SP3 replaced SP2. (So really, when do they ever have stock for instore warranty replacements?). My second problem involves my battery percentage jumping around when low (eg 18>10 then slowly going 10>12>13>14 despite not being plugged). Here is another user with the same problem http://www.reddit.com/r/Surface/comments/2aures/pro2_with_schizophrenic_battery_below_10_normal/ . Apparently MSFT employees claim it is normal and the battery is "readjusting". Their BS angered me which prompted me to write this post. Anyways, both times takes me arguing until they agree to give me a temporary device which is still a pain as I have to backup, restore, reinstall software, install updates, configure settings, 256 point calibrate pen with all those devices. Also, I have to constantly go back to the MSFT Store. Eg. I had to go to the store and back home 4 times for my latest battery problem because they didn't acknowledge my problem and didn't have stock AGAIN. BTW, YES, I reformat my device to make sure it is not software before taking it into the store.


MSFT support is nice but not useful in solving my actual problems. Two separate warranty replacements, bought Complete but have never gotten the "get a problem, take device in store, they replace it immediately" promise. Every time I have gotten some sort of temporary device because they apparently NEVER have stock for replacements which sucks because every time I get a temporary device, I have to reinstall ALL my software back, change all the settings, 256 point calibrate my pen, install all the updates, etc, etc and then when my permanent device comes, I have to backup my temporary device, reformat it, go all the way to the store to pickup my device, then I have to re-setup all the stuff above on my permanent device again.

First Experience:

  • Touch screen problem confirmed by tech.

  • No stock for the 128 SP2 which has been out for 3 MONTHS by then so "bring problematic device in, get it replaced immediately" didn’t happen.

  • Told me I gotta live with a pretty much non-functioning touch screen for an indefinite amount of time until they get new stock.

  • Argued I need a working device to get things done and that is why I bought Complete.

  • Finally agreed to give me temporary 64 model. Cue me have to re setup the device, install all the updates, etc.

  • Weeks later I picked up a permanent 128 model. Cue me having to backup 64 device, reformat it, go to store to get 128, setup that device, etc, etc.

Second experience was terrible which is what prompted me to write this post:

  • Battery when <20% would randomly jump down to like 10% then it would slowly go up by 1% like 10>11>12 then it would randomly jump down again to like 8% then go back up by 1%. Another user with this problem here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Surface/comments/2aures/pro2_with_schizophrenic_battery_below_10_normal/
  • Trip #1 to MSFT Store. Showed tech the problem, he took it in for repairs. Going to take 2 days. No instant replacement again.

  • Trip #2 to MSFT. Going to pick up my fixed device. Except when I asked them if it was fixed, they said they didn't find the problem. So I said if they didn't do anything to fix it, then the problem should be still there. I asked if I could go get lunch or something and leave the device there to let the battery drain to the buggy levels (ie <20) since the device was like 80% at that time. They said no since they would have to fill the paperwork again.

  • Go back home, problem still not fixed, gotta go back again. At this point, I am thinking that when I first showed the tech the problem, he didn't even bother paying attention since on my service receipt, it says "SP2 not holding charge" which I don't think is what is happening. That is why they didn't find the problem, they didn't even know what it was.

  • Trip #3 to MSFT. Showed CSR that problem was still there. She claimed that it is actual normal for the battery to jump around (dot dot dot). The reason is that if the device is running something intensive, like a video, and then I lighten the load by say, closing said video, the battery percentage will readjust. I claimed that that should be what the Time Remaining is for and that the REMAINING battery PERCENTAGE should never go up unless charging. She said that percentage is just converted from time remaining. I said that doesn’t make sense but I saved most of the reasons why it doesn’t make sense for the tech.

  • So I wait a bit, tech who tested my device originally comes. He gives the same explanation about readjustment. I said it doesn’t make sense since:
    • 1) It only happens when the battery is low. If it is readjusting from changing intensity, it should happen at all percentages.
    • 2) It didn’t do it in the past and I have never had other windows devices that would readjust.
    • 3) And most importantly, it happens even when the device isn’t running anything so no intensive to non-intensive readjustment should be happening.
  • So I show the tech that it happens even when idle. The battery percentage jumps from 12 to 13.

  • This is about to get good (bad) and this is the point where I really just want them to refund all my money which I would then spend on a Macbook in hopes that they actually keep their devices in stock.

  • Anyways, he claims the battery going from 12 to 13 is just some rounding like from 12.5+ to 13 or something. Fine.

  • Then battery jumps to 14 then 15 then 16. So no rounding from 12.5 to 16, device is idle so no intensive to non-intensive.

  • BUT WAIT, this next part is great, I either wanted to literally LOL or cry. There still is readjustment because the load is still changing. From what? From me moving my cursor around and opening and closing the little battery left window.

  • So after a bit of arguing that this is NOT normal, although they don’t agree with that, they agree to replace it. But guess what? No stock again. This time it is cause the SP2 has been discontinued. So my options are:
    • Give them my device, wait for them to order a new one to arrive in store in about a week. So a week without a computer.
    • Or they can do an advanced replacement where the warehouse ships me a SP2 first, then I ship mine back. So I opt for that.
  • So the tech sits there with me and he has to manually go through MSFT online chat support.

  • I note that my credit card has a limit of 500 so if they need to put a temporary charge (which im pretty sure they would have to), it won’t work. However, the tech said that shouldn’t be a problem (Spoiler alert: it is).

  • So we sit there for 20 minutes going through the slow online chat At the end, he mentions my problem. Won’t work.

  • So now they are ordering a device to arrive in store, I keep my device until that arrives when i will make my 4th trip to the MSFT store. Again, remember all those reformats, reinstalls, updates, re-setups, backups, etc, etc.

So both of the times they were “nice”. They offered me drinks, they sat with me to waste time talking to online chat support, and they TRIED to help. But in the end, I never really got what I wanted/was promised with Complete. I mean, nice is always great, but my priority is to get my SP2 fixed or replaced, not drink their juice. My 4 trips just to get a new replacement could’ve bought me a lot of juice. If your toilet is overflowing and you call the plumber, he could be really nice. But none of that is going to mean shit (or it will mean shit) if he can’t fix your toilet. And that is my experience with MSFT support. Probably going to switch to a Macbook when I get the chance. Now before you dismiss my entire post and label me as some Apple fanboy, I’m not (not MSFT fanboy either). Remember, I gave MSFT a chance to take my money for a long time but I have had a terrible experience with them. On the contrary, I owned an iPad 3 and the user experience was great. I mean, when they announced it, they had an exact purchase date and when it was getting shipped, they released a map of which areas would get shipments when. Also, pretty sure Apple has stock of their devices MONTHS after release.