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My audio solution for my home PC is an Asus Xonar STU, USB dac/amp. Out of curiosity I connected it to my Surface and installed the latest Win 8.1 drivers. No problems with install and the Surface device manager shows the Xonar is connected and working.

Unfortunately I'm getting no sound when the Xonar is set as playback device.

Also when I play a video/audio file I'm getting lag. Video lag is 1 or 2 fps with no frame skipping, like the processor is having a hard time. Audio is the same, witnessed by observing wave output and time remaining (using winamp). It's like its playing, albeit VERY slowly and without sound.

When switching back to default speakers everything is normal.



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Nice sound card! Did you try restarting the system?
Sounds to me like a driver issue.

More precisely, a latency problem. It perhaps doesn't like the drivers of the Intel integrated graphic solution.
Make sure the Surface Pro 2 is fully updated. If it is already, download the latest Intel integrated graphics drivers from Intel website. Install them, restart, and see if it helps.


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Full power off and restart of both the tablet and dac/amp worked. No slowdown and full sound. Happy to report the Surface2pro is fully compatible with the Asus Xonar.