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Audio & Camera Uodates -


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I just recently got a Surface and am disappointed in the Audio (doesn't get very loud) and the Camera's picture quality - Is there any hope in these two items getting addressed by MS and getting updated? Or is the hardware in the Surface the limiting factor?

Thanks -
Audio is probably a software fix but the cameras in the Surface are very low quality 1MP cameras so they are what they are.
I have compared the Surface camera next to the IPad 4 camera. Actually in a room with plenty of light the Surface does ok ...acceptable. But neither of the units compare to my Droid Razor. Let's hope a software patch will increase the audio level without distortion.
You should not be using a Surface to take meaningful pictures. It is mainly there to be used for video chatting and the occasional apps that use it as a gimmick. I am also disappointed with Surface audio quality, or should I say the audio level. It would be nice if it was a tad louder. But I read the audio quality through the headphone jack is good. I have yet to test it out.
audio quality is hardware. It s not bad at all. I think the built in speakers are pretty good too. I also have a nuforce Icon2 usb DAC and headphone amplifier I use through the USB port. It is powered my the port so just 1 wire. sound is great, no hassle plug and play.