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new owner of Surface


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I just returned a Samsung 500T 11inch with Windows 8. The unit was nice and I liked the full version of 8, great camera, nice loud speakers and very light. Sent it back to Staples today, OS froze several times and had to reinstall the OS twice. Its history ..

The Surface was purchased at one of those Kiosk center mall locations with a real nice staff of informed geeks.
So far after 3 days no real issues.

My wish list would be as follows if the Software/Hardware engineers are reading: The surface has excellent build quality.
My ears are 59 years old, for me the speakers and audio output are sub par.
The front and back camera ..1 and 2 megapixels? Also sub par, but not a game changer.
Windows RT might work for some but I should have done more research. I was unaware that I could not download programs I always use for my Amateur Radio hobby, but I do have a laptop on standby.

I have two weeks to decide to keep or return. At this point it might be a keeper..but compared to my former IPad 3 the Surface is slow! Just find a way to speed this machine up!