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Auto-Correct Handwriting App / Software


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Please pardon me if there is a topic addressing this already - I looked but didn't see one, and a Google search renders diddly.

Does anyone know of a program or "app" that will automatically improve my sloppy handwriting as I write. Like real time, or immediately afterwards - it makes a correction. I know that Android has Papyrus ...which is available at the Microsoft Store, but the one for Windows DOES NOT make auto-corrections. I can tell you that Papyrus for Android is purely awesome, and makes my chicken scratches look like a pro wrote them. I really have looked, and searched for this to no end - and got nowhere.

Searches Uses - "Handwriting Auto Correct Software / app"
"Handwriting Improvement Software" - (Shows software that tutors the user on how to improve their handwriting)
"Windows auto correct handwriting software"
"Auto Improve handwriting software"

I get nowhere- Perhaps its my search terms - Thanks to anybody to can throw me a bone here. Perhaps there isn't any software, but if Android has such, I am hoping Windows does and I am just to stupid to find it.

Thanks In Advance -