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Returning my I7 SP3...again.

Loved the machine for the first week that I had it... but then started running into issues.

When the keyboard is plugged in, I've noticed that the fan is on around 75% of the time, and the machine runs hot regardless of what I'm doing (mostly web browsing). Wouldn't be as annoying if not for the fact that the fan is very loud.

Also got the yellow line to appear, first faintly, then watched as it got brighter and brighter over the next 2 weeks - see my post in the thread dedicated to that for pics. The fact that this can just appear and get worse, frightens me when I think about its resale value.

First type-cover periodically stopped working on me - onto my second one now which has started behaving in the same way. Pen also randomly stops working.

SP3 doesn't consistently wake from sleep when double-tapping the home key - seems that if I leave it sleeping for an extended period of time, it wont come back on without hitting the power button.

Did I mention the battery life is AWFUL if the type-cover is plugged in? I average just under 3 hours on full brightness when all I'm doing is surfing the web with nothing else open. Battery life does improve a lot if I remove the type-cover though. This is probably the main breaking point - when a gaming laptop (just purchased the Razer Blade 14) almost doubles the amount of battery I get when limiting myself to web browsing... something's wrong.

Minor issue to close: both red and black type-covers that I've purchased so far, wear out and fade really quick. And as someone that suffers from clammy hands 100% of the time, the felt material gets wet and gross towards the end of a university lecture. Anything other than whatever its made out of right now would be nice.

I've already mentioned my worry over its resale value due to things like the yellow line appearing - but factor in all of the other issues I've had, and the SP3's premium price is hard to swallow. I'll be sticking with my old RT model for now - could see myself possibly getting the I3 version though, as even if everything possible goes wrong with it, I'd probably recoup at least 50% of its cost and only be down $400.

Overall I want to love the SP3 as it fulfills so many functions, but I've just run into so many issues.

Anyone else come to the end of their love affair with the SP3?


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You are unlucky. My i7 runs flawlessly as most of them do.

I have a friend at HN who said of 20 sold, five were defective. This is all types of SP3 devices. Two, were DOA, two had current leaks causing electric shocks while charging, not sure about the fifth one.

I think that the i7 I have a magic device but if I had got a bad one and it appears that there is a fair likelihood of that, I might have a quite different opinion.

I'd say to the OP to return and get another but I don't blame you if you've had enough, it is very discouraging.


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What can I say to the OP? I'm glad that you will return it. The worse thing you can do is live with a device that does not wake you happy. You will end making your life and our a miserable one.


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Just a few things to note. It really does appear that you have a defective unit.

When the keyboard is plugged in, it should not cause any change with regards to the fan. The keyboard is a very low impact device that requires such a small amount of processor attention that its impact is virtually unnoticeable. Have you run Task Manager to observe whether or not there is a CPU load increase when you attach the keyboard? If the processor utilization jumps up and stays up when the keyboard is attached, something is definitely wrong. This is problem number one.

The yellow line issue is another obvious defect. Problem number two.

Type Covers stopping working could be part of an ongoing problem with Surface computers. For whatever reason, the Type Covers will stop working or behave strangely, requiring you to have to disconnect and reconnect them. This has been happening with previous Surface Pro versions as well. My SP2 did this occasionally, but recent updates may have addressed this as I haven't experienced it lately. My SP3 has been better in this regard. In your case, combined with the other keyboard-related issues that you're having, I would suspect a problem with the SP3 hardware itself. Thus, problem number three.

I'm not exactly clear on what you mean by the pen stops working randomly, but that would also likely indicate some sort of hardware issue. Problem number four.

The SP3 not consistently waking from sleep is not a problem at all. This is by design. First, you only need to tap the Windows key once to wake the SP3. Whether or not you need to use the power button depends on whether the machine is in its initial sleep state where it will wake itself up regularly to get updated status information for various programs (I forget the name for this state right now) or if it has gone into hibernation. The initial "light" sleep state will last for four hours and is wakeable from the Windows button. After four hours the SP3 hibernates and will only wake from the power button.

You also mention that you run the SP3 at full brightness. This will definitely decrease battery life significantly. Most battery performance tests and results are done with the screen at 50% brightness. Also, if you have the keyboard backlight on at 100% brightness and it is staying on all of the time that you're browsing the web, it will have a small negative impact on battery life as well, though I doubt that it's more that about 5-10% (this is just a guess, however).

So, in summary, with three definite problems and a likely fourth problem as well, it really does sound like you've got a bad SP3 and because you stated that you wanted to love it, I would think that it would be worth exchanging for a replacement. If the replacement proves to be problematic as well, then I'd seriously consider giving up. Otherwise, a replacement that actually works correctly would be very nice, don't you think?


Ive had none of the issues you've had and I have had it for 3 weeks now. Return it and see if it was just defective or just return it and get something else. If you're unhappy with it the best thing you can do is not put up with it. My unit has no issues with the fan or overheating. The only thing I've run into several times is wifi not working from sleep. It's a known issue though and should be corrected. I use my SP3 for 8-10 hours a day.


So... I returned the I7 - got a gaming laptop, the Razor Blade, still pretty small form factor for a laptop - and games ran great, but...

I missed my I7. Despite all the issues, I decided to return the Blade, and get an exchange for a new I7. No issues so far - MS store let me check for the yellow line that appears on the left side of the screen as reported in this forum, in-store. Went through two that had a fine yellow line, third one was the charm. Perfect white display now and happy to have the pen back in my hand. Can't wait for the SP4 with the atom chip and for all these minor issues to disappear with the next launch, hopefully. :)