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Awesome 4K video in the SP3 display

lol ill try. it'll be me driving. (gopro as dashcam) ill see if I can get the file up tonight for downloading purposes.
I can happily report the video played with no issues. No skipping frames or anything. 4k @ 15fps. I'll upload the video tonight. 1gb will take a bit to upload.
Well my test was to see if the surface pro 3 could handle 4k uncompressed straight from the camera. The youtube video you link is 4k but compressed using a specific codec to maintain quality but knocking it down to 300mb.
Here's the weird part. My Tab S 8.4 can play these videos instantly with zero buffering on a mobile gpu and cpu but I am getting terrible lag with an i5?
I had no issue with any of the 4K Videos using MUI IE on 50Mbps Comcast using 5GHz AC.... played very smooth with good sound