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Battery charging Problem, New firmware?


Try using these two lines of code and save as a .bat file and run, i.e. b_report.bat

powercfg /batteryreport
start battery-report.html


with these lines of code I get the report as an HTML. How can I save it as a .bat file?


You misunderstood.

This should still create an html file but open it. So create a text document, put the two lines in it, then rename the file with a .bat extension instead of .txt and double click it.


I just restore the surface. I hope that incoming updates don't destroy the system (battery life or stability).

Sincerely, great fail from Microsoft with this update.


Didn't work.

I tried also going to the file in Explorer and right clicking and selecting Open and it tries to open in IE but says it can't find the file!!

So I tried renaming the file and that didn't help. I took the dash out of the title thinking it might mess things up, but that wasn't the answer.

Very strange that it can't find the file when it is pointed right to it.

I went into the properties and changed them all so all the users had total permission to do anything with the file, but that didn't fix it either.

Just copy the .html file to the desktop or somewhere besides the system folder and you will be able to open it then. There is some sort of protection otherwise preventing you from opening it from the windows folder.

Also, on the microsoft forums they acknowledged the battery reporting error and are looking into it.

Arizona Willie

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Today I can't even get the powercfg /batteryreport to run :yelling:

I've tried several things.

I made the .bat file and when I run it I get this: