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Update Killed My Surface!!


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I updated yesterday to the latest firmware that was available and straight away found a number of issues. The device wouldn't hibernate properly anymore, the battery percentage went from around 28% to 50% after the update which seemed odd, and then after this the battery drained alot faster than normal and ran down to empty.

I hit the power button which usually displays the battery with the cross through it symbol, nothing. Plugged it into charge and left it overnight, still nothing. Either its not charging anymore or its just not powering on for some other reason but I now have an expensive paper weight!

Has anyone else had this problem? I'll get in contact with Microsoft but just wanted to warn anyone that hasn't already updated, stay clear of it!


similar here. I could wake it up with extra-long-pressing the power button.
For the time being I always power it down fully.
Just unbelievable how MS screws up things...


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Just tried holding the power button for a long time but still nothing, just waiting for the Microsoft support to come online to see if they have any suggestions.


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For the battery gauge, I had the problem today, try hold power button and volume + for 15 seconds.
Wait 10 seconds and boot :)


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That did the trick! Displayed 1% battery when it powered on and seems to be charging. Thanks!

Now is there any way to downgrade the firmware? As far as I can tell the windows restore feature doesn't alter the firmware :(
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