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battery drain 10 % per day in full shutdown



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As already posted , I was experiencing the problem of battery drain at rate of 14 to 18 % per day ( average of a week ) in full shutdown condition. I have tried all the tweaks in settings , registry , full shutdown methods etc as previously posted but it could not be corrected.
Then , I had sent it to Microsoft service centre at Kolkata (india) by taking lot of pain but they considered the complaint as not charging (I do not know , how any one can understand like that even after clear description of problem )
They returned it back , closing the complaint as attended as there is no defect of not charging and It took 9 months.
Again, I have sent it back to repair from different city (Bangalore) with explaining past experience and the problem at different options (this time I have put the problem at others section ). Further i stuck a paper at the back side of surface explaining the problem,
It took around 20 days from pickup to return. They have swapped it with another surface pro 4, i5 , Intel , windows 10 pro (But its hinge of kick stand is of different design) , physically inspected the replacement and found to be in mint condition (or new ). The best part is that it exceeded the expectation as its battery drain is surprisingly less than 1% per week just in shutdown condition (no tweaks , no registry hacks , no full shutdown but just as received condition) and approx 3% battery consumption per day in sleep condition , this is pretty comparable to my android phones (blackberry keyone or redmi note 4 or lenovo android tablet )
However In my case you might have noticed that the problem was there from the day one of purchase. How it can pass quality certification?when it is designed to compete android tablet. I have purchased brand new (sealed)abut now ended up with a refurbished ( or new unknown )
It is also pertaining to mention that 1 year and 5 months out of 2 years warranty is consumed without using it.
I wish Microsoft ensures that whatever has happened to me will not happen to others by ensuring quality
Thanks for update. I'm glad it finally worked out for you.

Unfortunately for those of us out of warranty, we are still suffering from this weird issue.