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Surface Pro UEFI Boot Settings



I want to clarify the boot settings for the UEFI bios in the sp4.

Firstly I disabled usb and pxe booting however pwr + vol down still boots setup off usb. Is it possible to disable that or require the uefi password? If so do i uncheck enable alternate boot sequence. I want to have it so that i must enable usb boot or suppy the uefi password before reinstalling.

Also what is the distinction between the Windows Boot Manager and Internal Storage order boot entries. Is internal storage just a boot option directly to the ssd (with whatever efi boot manager is there - providing you turn off secure boot or its signed with another ca) while the windows boot manager entry is to specifically boot it on the ssd. If im right. I assume i can disable the boot to internal stoage option and it will boot normally.

Lastly does the sp3 asset tagging utility work on sp4?

See below for a summary of the boot options:

Firstly the booting buttons:

Power + Vol Up - boot to uefi
Power + Vol Down - boot to usb?

Boot configuration options:

Windows Boot Manager
Internal Storage
USB storage
PXE network

Advanced options

Enable Alternate Boot Sequence
Enable IPV6 for PXE network boot option
Hi Votality,

I just wanted to answer you in that YES the CLI utility for the SP3 Asset Tagging does indeed work with the SP4. Microsoft doesn't seem to document it for some reason, but I tried it and it worked fine. Gotta run the CMD shell as Administrator before running it, by the way.