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Battery drain on Edge

One thing I'm amazed still is the battery drain while using Edge (could be with other browsers, but I was using Edge). I was on a site that had ads (not unlike this site) and after a few mins the SP4 i7 got warm, fan kicks on. I checked CPU and it was going from 2%-19%. Within 15mins, I was from 100% battery (recommended performace/brightness) to 83%. After 45mins, I was down to ~55% and by 1hr 15min, I was down to ~35%.

That's almost as bad as if I was trying to run a game.

Btw, I turn off Edge, CPU goes back to 0%~2%. So nothing running in background. Watching a movie stored on the main SSD would last longer. lol


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I would try another browser maybe or going to check and see how all of your drivers look as far as updates. I would check for a OS update. Or check in MS app store to see if there is an update to edge.


Sorry for not responding. Yup everything is up to date. I haven't used a different browser. I'll try that next time I have a free day to play around with the unit. Pretty sure the issue was more with "flash" or "HTML5" gfx running in the browser. But still hurts that it draws enough power to make the unit get warm and for the fans to kick on.