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Solved SP4 and Microsoft Edge


For several days Microsoft has been sending pop-up messages telling me that the Edge browser won't run down my battery as fast as Firefox (my normal browser). So, today I decided to switch to Edge. ARGHH!!!

I can't adjust my toolbar and clicking on search results does nothing. In other words, I couldn't get out of Edge fast enough and back to Firefox. I did some searching and there are lots of notes from others complaining about Edge.

I just wonder if it's the combination of a Surface with Edge. Are any of you using Edge with your SP4, and if so are there any particular settings that need to be set to make it work right? Honestly, if clicking on a link doesn't even send you to the site what good is a browser?
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Edge works just fine on both my SP4 and desktop and is my primary browser. What are you trying to do with the toolbar? And clicking links doesn't work? Does it fail to work with touch, stylus, mouse, or all 3?
The links failed to work when I'd move the cursor onto them (using the touchpad) and click on them using the left side of the touchpad.

As for the toolbar, I was simply trying to rearrange my favorite links to various websites. I could drag and drop a favorite on the visible toolbar but I could not move any other link onto it. I could see them. Even imported them from Firefox. They were all there. But trying to drag one of them onto the toolbar got me nowhere.

That's when I decided to do some reading (using my iPad) to see if my situation was unique. Not by a long shot. Seems lots of people have the same problems - links not doing anything when you click on them and people not being able to rearrange their favorites.

It's good to hear that you are using the SP4 with Edge without a problem. That's hopeful. Because it sure would be good if I could squeeze more battery life out of this. But I have to be able to click a search result. And I sure want to at least have my most frequent websites within easy clicking distance.

If there's some setting that's off on my SP4 I'd sure like to know. Thanks for any assistance you or anyone else can provide.

Cleared all Edge settings/browser cache, etc. Restarted computer. Clicking on links started working.

I still was not able to move bookmarks around or reorder them. So, I started deleting them one at a time as per a suggestion from another forum. That did the trick. After removing half a dozen bookmarks all of a sudden the entire favorites bar at the top of the screen blinked and reordered itself. It now matches the order I had made earlier through the HUB/Favorites Bar.

Consider this Solved.
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