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battery drains during sleep after win10 update


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Hi support,

My surface keeps draining after updating to windows 10.
This only happened after I update to windows 10. Was working fine in 8.1
Updated everything from windows update.

When left untouched it keeps coming active every minute.

20:17:24 Suspended 89 % 35,039 mWh
20:18:14 Active Battery 88 % 34,921 mWh
20:21:29 Suspended 88 % 34,662 mWh
20:22:15 Active Battery 87 % 34,565 mWh
20:24:07 Suspended 87 % 34,417 mWh
20:24:55 Active Battery 87 % 34,329 mWh
20:26:47 Suspended 86 % 34,181 mWh
20:27:35 Active Battery 86 % 34,092 mWh
20:29:27 Suspended 86 % 33,922 mW


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Welcome to the forum

There have been several posts re: battery drain issues in Windows 10. Moving this to that section.


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Just FYI OP, this isn't a Microsoft support board. Make sure you file a bug report from within Windows 10 using the Windows Feedback application. :)
The latest patch form Microsoft seems to have solved this battery drain issue.
IDK if that is entirely true. Last night I put my SP3 to sleep at 91%, when I woke up and checked it later, not only was it NOT in deep sleep (Hybernate) which is normal if nothing happens for 4 hours I believe, but the power was down to 64%. I have the latest cumulative released at the end of last week.

Sleep study is all over the place as well. Sometimes it is the SD card that is the problem, other times it lists the CPU.


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Just checked SP1 again.......Update did not fix issue...........
Was delighted that after 1 hour only 3% drain (better than nothing)........
then the problem came back again.

18:09:18 Suspended 87 % 33,278 mWh
19:44:46 Active Battery 84 % 32,153 mWh

19:52:26 Suspended 81 % 31,139 mWh
19:53:14 Active Battery 81 % 31,050 mWh
19:53:27 Suspended 81 % 31,028 mWh
19:54:14 Active Battery 80 % 30,939 mWh
19:55:39 Suspended 80 % 30,799 mWh
19:56:25 Active Battery 80 % 30,717 mWh
19:58:17 Suspended 80 % 30,592 mWh
19:59:05 Active Battery 79 % 30,525 mWh
20:00:56 Suspended 79 % 30,377 mWh
20:01:43 Active Battery 79 % 30,296 mWh
BTW, do you have an SD card? I found in SleepStudy that the USB location to the SD card reader was using the most power. I removed my SD card and the device went back to having normal battery life. I think Microsoft knows about this and is working on a fix. We shall see.


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well it might be using the most power, but does not solve the reason why the device wakes up every 1 minute in standby mode (screen off). went back to windows 8.1, there is an auto restore feature back.

no more battery draining issue, so it surely a windows 10 issue.
well it might be using the most power, but does not solve the reason why the device wakes up every 1 minute in standby mode (screen off).

Well don't be hasty. The SD card or rather the bus to it is keeping my unit awake at least. Things like this and other driver issues will cause the system to become active when it is supposed to be sleeping thus causing the battery drain.

I am seeing many with this problem with 2 subsystems. The SD card and the Audio Bus. In my case removing the SD card caused the constant wake to stop and the unit gets much better battery life. Mind you I am running a clean install where I deliberately didn't start networking until I installed all of the MS SP3 Windows 10 drivers. So I know I don't have some errant crap from MS Update.

I do remember reading that MS and Intel were working on a serious connected standby bug that was to be released around the time of GM. This may still not be released judging by all those who have similar issues as you.