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Battery indicator stuck at 100%


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Battery indicator stuck at 100% [solved]

Hey just got a surface pro couple days ago. No problem at first, but a few hours ago my battery indicator stays at 100%, even after watching youtube videos for 1.5 hours unplugged. I checked through hwinfo64, the sensor says that my battery is at 100% too. Does this mean that this is a hardware problem (faulty sensor)? I have shut down and turned it on again but no luck.

Has anyone experienced this?
Can anyone think of a solution?

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This has happened to me on my Surface RT. Not sure if it's a Windows issue or a hardware / firmware problem. In most circumstances, you may need to reboot to clear this. I can tell you that the last time this happened to me, I rebooted and then discovered that my charging circuits had failed, and I had to send the device back for replacement!

Regardless of whether your device has a fault or not, note that whilst your system thinks it's got 100% battery, the safety features that automatically shutdown your tablet if the battery gets too low will not work!


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Yes it thinks that it has 100%. Tried rebooting couple of times but didn't do anything for me.

Problem solved: I let it drain by playing games until it is empty, recharged back, turned on and everything went back to normal.
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