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Battery Life and SD Cards


Is it me or has anyone noticed that battery life is shortened when you leave a SD card in the RT? Seems it doesn't matter if it is a 8GB or 64GB SD but it appears to me the battery gauge is moving faster since I put the SD in. I haven't done a full test yet but just wondering if anybody observed the same ...
My microSD card went in on day 2 and I ain't taking it out to conduct a test. :p I'm very satisfied with my battery life on my RT.
I haven't noticed anything, but I've had my SD card plugged in since day 1... I'll try it out!
More than likely that is a coincidence. You probably have a rouge app or process. Use the task manager from desktop to see if anything is going wild. Perhaps you also have a mounting issue if you tried to add any folders from the SD card where it is continually trying to read or connect those folders.

Have had the 64 Gb SD card in since day one. Battery life is more on usage than anything else, did you change the Power settings- screen brightness- ETC.....
it may be a coincidence, I won't rule it out. I know that I had the RT for about a week before I added the SD card. In that week, I charged the RT maybe twice. After I added the SD card, I barely last 2 days. I'll run some tests. I've been adding apps so a rogue app is always a possibility, or I could also be using the RT differently too. No, no power setting adjustments. Good to know you guys think it ain't so.
According to my hypothesis, if you didn't have that card in, you would definitely have even greater battery life. :) I'm in the middle of my tests, I'll report back later on results.