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Files Not Deleting from Micro SD Card


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I have The Windows Surface RT version 1 32 gig tablet.
I have a 32 gig micro SD card in it, and on that card I have file folder called movies. And in that folder I have but what else...... wait for it :)
When I go to windows explorer and try and delete a .avi or .mp4 file (it can be 300 megs or 1.5 gigs it doesn't seem to matter what size)
I can delete the file, then if I go to another folder and then go back to the movie folder. The file is back. I tried to just right click and then click delete or right click and then go up to the delete icon and delete. It disappears from the folder then I go to another folder then come back, the files is there.
The only way I can get the file to stay deleted is to delete it then immediately log out and restart the tablet. Short of that I can't seem to get the file to stay deleted. :eek:mg:
Anybody have this problem and a way to fix it ? :mad2:
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There is a possibility that the card is corrupted. I assume you have done a restart to check to see if it isn't a cache issue?
I have the same problem with a Surface Pro 4 and Windows 10.
I have deleted the multiple files full of old MP4 many times, only to see tham all back the next time I open an explorer window an look.
I cannot format the uSD either.
Next step is to remove the uSD, take it to work (Win7) and try to format there.