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Battery wear level


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Hello everyone, i got a SP2 2 weeks ago, and i have some problems with my battery. I just discharge/recharge only 11 times but my battery's wear level is 5%. In addition, each times i check wear level by using HWMonitor or Batteryreport, the wear level is not stable, sth. it repors 5% or 3%, etc. What's problem with my battery and any suggestions to repair it?


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Guys, mine is now at 100% wear. Massive degradation started just outside warranty. It was like an aggressive form of battery cancer that took my battery down in 2-3 months. Is there anywhere I can make an official complaint? This is unacceptable for a product that cost me SGD 1900 and became a letter-weight after just over a year.


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Did you notice that you had a problem since you got the device?
The battery is supposed to keep about 80% of its original capacity after 3-4 years based on usage.

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