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High battery wear?

I startet with 42255 mWh and after a handful loadings the capacity decreases to 41662 mWh. I have no experience with battery wear, because the sp2 is my first mobile PC/laptop. But the battery wear seems a little bit high to me?


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Since when do you use the device?
This is a detoriation of less than 3% and batteries usually get worn the fastest in the beginning, so don't worry too much.. It's normal for a battery to wear about 20-30% within 2 years...


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Unfortunately those actual batteries also detoriate even without you discharging and recharging them, just by keeping them at 100%.

If you would be able to keep it at around 70-80% it would last longer (some few business notebooks aktuelle have this setting not to charge further than 80% as an option).
So yes, the detoriating you experienced is normal. You have to know though that it wouldn't be much worse if you had used the device on battery every day during that time.

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