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Battery won't charge, force firmware update ?

Rafael Barriola

New Member

My Surface Pro 3 no longer charges, it works with the power cable connected, but the battery itself is at 0%, even with windows telling me it's at 100%, but my real problem is applying the firmware update, because of the battery being at 0% the surface won't apply it, safety measure, which I can understand, but now since I have not updated the firmware in a while Windows 10 does not update too, asks to be on the latest firmware, is there a way to force the surface to update the firmware when it reboots?

Appreciate any help!


New Member
I got the same problem with the battery level showing power in the battery (76%), but the surface pro 3 is running purely on external power and dies instantly when removing the power cord. Last week the computer did not show this behavior. Is this a software update gone wrong?


Staff member
Ahh. Okay should have seen that.

But, yes, it is possible that a firmware update has gone wrong.

Rafael Barriola

New Member
I took mine to a MS store, I should have known they were of no help, they had no idea what was going on, and offered me to buy a new one for a discount, right...... !lol I never found out why this is happening but I have seen users with similar issues. I dont mind leaving my plugged, but having the upgrades would be nice.