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Best Buy Has the Surface in Stores in the US


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What would anyone's opinion be on preference of purchase? I figured that Microsoft.com or MS Store would be best since I'll have a receipt from them and be able to get on-site tech support or exchanges/refunds. I do not plan to get the Microsoft Complete option (but on that note, is this still available 45-days after a BB/Staples purchase). The only caveat is that its a 40 minute drive from my place.

The advantage I see with BB is that I can try at the store and buy it immediately if I like it, rather than gamble if I will get it on time before Xmas with an online MS purchase. Also not sure if I can rely on BB tech support or exchange policies.


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I don't think you need to make the extra drive for on-site tech support or exchange/refunds. BB or Stables will exchange/refund it for you also, and Microsoft, if need be, will give you tech support at the store even if you didn't buy it from them. The only thing is that Microsoft actually goes through set up with you in the store after you buy it, so you have everything up and running properly. I don't know if you want/need that and if BB or Staples will do that for you.


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Best Buy gives till January 24th to return purchases. My local store doesn't even check the contents of the box when I return small electronic devices any more which is rather scary. But they know me and everything in the past was in order so I guess why bother. Plus I got 18 months interest free financing. I will learn how to use the Surface myself, with threads here and any books I can get that are revelant. Already borrowed Window's 8 for Dummies from the library. :)


Went to my local Best Buy and Staples today. Both had end-cap displays of one Surface with a touchcover. Neither store had a type cover on display for testing.
The Staples nearest me had a type cover on display. They were still working on their display, and the only Surface they had on display was attached to a touch cover. I was pleased with the way I could type on the touch cover.


While at the mall today I thought I'd check out what Best Buy had, not that I need another Surface but always curious to see how it's being received. So I go over to the tablet section and they of course have their iPad section, there was a Samsung section. I then found the Asus section and what a disappointment, they had the Asus Vivo Tab but RT wasn't running well on it at all, you had to guide the slide to login all the way to the top or it would stop where you stopped moving it. The charms bar worked some of the time, went to the desktop and it had froze, was able to get to the Start Menu and I was going to bring up the PC settings and just reset everything. However I couldn't get the charms to come up at all so I just put it down. So I figure that's all they had and what a poor representation of WIndows RT with the state of that Vivo Tab. I didn't see the Surface anywhere at all so I just decided to go check out the WIndows Phones but what do I find tucked away in the corner in the mobile phone section? the Surface RT display, hardly noticable with nobody around to try it out because they were all jammed into the tablet area trying out the other tablets.

Microsoft should really start sending out people to see how their products are being marketed. Between the lack of marketing I see for their phones and this example for the Surface they will continue to struggle to get market share.


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I bought mine yesterday. I walked in and saw nothing around and I had to ask an employee if they had it. They said "Hold on, I'll bring it right out" and sure enough they had plenty and a variety of touch covers. I asked how come they don't have any to play with and apparently they are still trying to work out their "security locks" and how to best manage with the touch covers and tablet itself.


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Oh, good point. Never thought about how they lock the covers to the devices and it looks like nobody else really did either. I can see that being an issue.

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