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Best earphones or ear buds for the Surface?

I'm a proud SP4 user - it's still my main work computer. I do lots of teleconferences and webinars and I'm wondering what people find is the best set of ear phones or ear buds for the Surface. I use the latest Apple ear pods and they're OK but I can't use the controls to mute or to change the volume. Are there any ear phones you can use with the SP that would allow you to control the audio from the ear phones?




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Any with a mechanical volume control should work (i.e a wheel rather than buttons). An example would be the razor kraken Pro, but they might not be visually appropriate :)


I too have a SP4 as well as a recently acquired SB2 (that earphone plug is in the wrong place for sure!). I use Skype for Business endlessly, I have 2 things that I use. first is my default as I always have my Bose QC20 QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones—Apple® devices.

the other that I use for longer calls due to the microphone quality is a Sennheiser PC350SE headset. https://www.amazon.ca/Sennheiser-PC-350-Special-Performance/dp/B008O510Y8

the headset has a mechanical dial on the headset that you can easily control volume and also push the boom mic up and when it clicks it mutes. I use these because I also wear hearing aids and the over-the-ear style works best so I don't have to remove my hearing aids constantly yet get enough volume to be able to hear. the problem is the size of the headset and the case so when travelling I don't always have it with me. The Bose QC20's are awesome for travel as the sound cancelling can't be beat when on a plane (engines, crying babies and other people snoring doesn't bother me).

I tried the Razer Kraken but they squeezed my head too much so I had a lot of trouble and returned them. I ended up getting some Beyerdynamic MX300 for home gaming.

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