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I bought my SP4 a few weeks ago - recently found this site looking for more info take advantage of all it's amazing features.

I was turned onto the SP lineup via work. A co-worker has a SP3, and my office let me check one out from our computer department as a temporary device for some mobile work. After I had it for a few days I didn't want to give it back - I managed to hang onto it for a couple months...but eventually it had to be turned back in. I missed it so much I bought my own. :)

I am an attorney - and use this thing for storing legal litigation info. Most attorneys are surprisingly NOT tech savvy. While many use laptops, in the litigation field, the Courts are just slow to adopt new technology. Most lawyers still carry large 3 ring binders FULL of documents to court for trials. I'm sure some of the larger firms have tech departments to manage digitial discovery - but I think most solo practitioners, small firms, and most large gov't agencies (where I work) do things the "old fashioned" way...

A surface pro allows me to upload/scan everything that would normally fill up a binder. Reports, transcripts, photos, audio, video, notes... The best part is being able to read a document, like a transcript, and annotate it just like I usd to when it was on paper. I can highlight it, or more importantly, use the pen to annotate the margins. The old days of using post it's to mark important parts of the transcripts or large documents are over. the seachability is also amazing.

this device has revolutionized the way I interact with my files and my ablity to manipulate and store massive volmes of legal documents / data. I love it.

The funny part too is I was an Apple guy. I have two iMacs at home, an iPhone, an ipad, apple watch... yes I had all that. my wife has a MacBook. AS much as I think my apple stuff is nice - the SP4 basically replaces all that. I still love my iPhone and apple watch..but I don't use the imac and the macrook is crap compared ot the SP4. my wife still uses the MacBook and if she shows me something, and I have to use it briefly, I find myself instinctively touching the screen and then realizing it's limitations.

the SP4 is the best computer I have ever used. I love it. To me the PEN is the best part. Combined with OneNote, it is an amazing machine.