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Best Portable TV I've Ever Owned - Surface Pro 2 - Slingbox


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I have had a Slingbox on my home network for years. Slingbox sits near my router and one of the TV receivers (a DirecTV DVR in my case, but even just a TV will do).

I can watch live TV (all my DirecTV channels) or any recorded shows at any time anywhere, home or away. Watching TV on my iPad is okay, but it takes over the device, and I cannot multi-task.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is the best portable TV I've ever owned.

I can watch TV in a window, or full screen. I can multi-task. The sound can stay on while the SP2 displays other windows. With the kickstand, I have a wonderful high definition portable TV, with a perfect 16x9 aspect. I can watch live or recorded TV out on the deck, over in the office, away on a trip, or anywhere, any time.

Thought I would demo how it works. Hope you like...


Screenshots work great with it, too.

Because my Slingbox is attached to a DVR, I can pause and rewind / record shows on the fly. Note the play bar below the screen. Makes multi-tasking even more versatile.
Screenshot (50).png

Screenshot (51).png

Even if you don't have a TV configuration like mine, don't forget that if you have a favorite scene on TV, or on a move (think Netflix), you can make wallpaper on the fly. Load up your movie or scene, and hold the Windows bezel button and the Volume down for free wallpaper. You will find them in your ...\Pictures\Screenshots folder.

Here's a random screenshot.
Screenshot (52).png
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slingbox is great!! bought one a few months back. bought the slingplayer app for win8, ipad and iphone the same day. I only have one tv in the house and it's nice having my whole cable selection in whatever room I'm in with whatever gadget is laying around!!


I JUST switched ISPs, so maybe I should retry my slingbox? it was awesome until i moved to my current location, then it sucked (AT&T only gave me 512kbps up!).


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I remember slingbox back in the day...didn't pay it too much mind. Optimum has the app for Windows, tried it, it was subpar. Buffering at times, nowhere near high def, and I can't use it with an external monitor - tried to get away with using a cable box, and just using miracast to output my display to my 32" tv, but it disables the output when an external monitor is detected -_-