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How To Stream Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 to your AppleTV


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How To Stream Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 to your TV

Stream to an Apple TV by installing iTunes on your Surface. Everything you need is there. When playing media, an icon at the top-right of the iTunes window has a drop-down listing all the AppleTV devices on your network.

For non-iTunes streaming to your AppleTV, media and and PC screen use AirParrot.
Cost is $9.99 for a license. If you want a license for all your PCs or Macs (up to 5), the cost is $39.99. You can try AirParrot for free for 20 airtime minutes.

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Surface Pro 2 screenshot while streaming a movie to an AppleTV:
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I did not know that it only took iTunes to get streaming my iTunes library to the AppleTV from the SurfacePros. Interesting.

Of course if you have iTunes set up properly and running all the time, it will act as a 'server' to the AppleTV too. Your method would allow for more than one iTunes library to exist and be used at the same time. That's handy.
But then I would have to run Apple software. Ick.

Registered just to say, "Ehhh, not really."

You can stream video content to your Apple TV by installing PLeX on your Surface Pro 2, and making a few configuration changes to your Apple TV 2 or 3.

Here's the install guide that will walk you through the process:

So while, yes, you will still have to run Apple software on your Apple TV, you won't have to install iTunes on your Surface Pro/Pro2. :)

Source: Recent Apple convert who is loving his new Surface Pro 2, and hasn't picked up his iPad in over a month. :D