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Best way to get mobile data access


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Have SP3 and really sorry i bought it as it is useless for me when I am away from a modem or WiFi.

There are times I need access using mobile phone data.. don't want to talk.. just data.

I have an ipad which has a data connection for $5 a month.

I know I can hot spot my phone but what is the easiest and quickest way .

Is there a small usb dongle I can use?

Please suggest as I am really sorry I didn't get a model with mobile data connectivity.




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Since you post was not a FAQ or Guide it has been moved.

I use a portable WiFi hotspot from AT&T


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didn't you know this when you purchased your SP3 that it didn't have data? and really it's such a big hassle to connect you SP3 with your phone as a hotspot? its ONE button on the phone... whats the problem? o_O I never understand posts like this LOL and I don't get what your problem is :confused:

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